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Shannon Productions develops and prides itself in developing and bringing scripts to screen across all genres. We are dedicated to this visual medium that brings stories to viewers. With experience professionalism and passion, we drive all projects forward collaborating across all departments involved to deliver their vision to market. Working alongside some of the Uk’s best talent we grow from experience each year to deliver content on time and on budget the best we can.

Featured Films

The Ant Farm

A couple rent a lake side cabin on the anniversary of their daughter death, only find out they are not where they thought they were.

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The Information

Listening to the wrong conversation can get you in trouble.

Battle brigade

We follow a squad of American paratroopers as they struggle to carry out a mission only one of them knows the real reason for undertaking. As tensions become heightened in the heat of battle, can you depend on the guy next to you, or is he not what he appears to be?

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Projects in development

Movie lovers rejoice! There are several new projects in development that are sure to be hits with audiences. From heart-warming dramas to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, there is something for everyone in the upcoming slate of films.


A remote geological station blasts into 20,000 year old ice to discover a nasa space shuttle and lone survivor still Alive but when she wakes up they wish they'd left her alone.


Ex Mossad hit man, Joshua Weitz, is lured back into the world of murder when his old employer hires him to assassinate the man on the cover of this month's Forbes Magazine but his own brother stands in his way, family loyalty will be tested and a dark Nazi secret revealed.



Detective Redman uses the development of time travel to go back through history to stop a ruthless killer however this killer spans time its self and wont be so easy to stop.


A silicon valley aspiring rich kid looses his fortune and has to return to the small town family ranch left to him by his parents, he soon realises the gold he was looking for was right under his feet all along, Literally and he's not the only one.


When robots and humans co-exist, which ones future is really being built.

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